The Struggles & Joys of Being a Dentist

All of us at Bluedot Dental love the work we do, but like any job, there are some drawbacks. The struggle is real, and here are three reasons why:

  • Some People Hate Going to the Dentist

There’s a huge portion of the population that does not like going to the dentist. Some would even say they “hate” going! Unfortunately, up to 20% of Americans avoid visiting the dentist because they suffer from dental anxiety or fear. But honestly, we’re just trying to help keep everyone’s smiles healthy. We didn’t put that cavity in your tooth—we want to treat your tooth decay, gum infection, and bad breath, and help you prevent future oral issues! We won’t be able to keep your oral health in tip-top shape if you don’t visit us every six months. And if you keep putting off your visit, when you finally do come to see us, it’s going to be for something really painful that could have been easily avoided with proper preventive care. Don’t be that type of person! Please come see us, and be nice about it. We’re more than just dental care providers. We’re humans too.

Closeup of a dark-haired child crying because she is afraid of the dentist

  • Many Children Are Afraid of Us

Along with clowns and the boogeyman, dentists rank high on the list of things that terrify kids. Positive dental experiences and routine checkups in childhood will lead to a lifetime of healthy smiles, but some kids won’t even give us a chance to make a difference. With all that thrashing and wailing, you would think we are literally pulling their teeth out as we scrape away plaque. We are friendly people who just want your mouth to be clean and healthy, we promise! Just stop crying, okay?

  • We Listen To So Many Lies

We know you know that brushing and flossing your teeth every day are critical parts of good oral hygiene, but we get told lies every day about a person’s at-home dental care. Patients swear up and down that they floss every day, but we can tell when the only time you flossed in the past six months was immediately before your appointment.

The Joys of Being a Dentist

Despite the few drawbacks (and we must admit we were being a little dramatic), we still absolutely love our jobs and our patients. Here are some of the best parts about working in dental care:

  • We are privileged to meet a wide variety of people. Our patients’ teeth are not our only focus, but also the people, personalities, and stories attached to them!
  • Dentistry allows for unique experiences day-to-day. In their typical routine, our hygienists prepare for patients, perform cleanings and X-rays, and assist the dentists, but treatment can vary widely for each patient. Some patients may be here for a cleaning and preventive checkup, while others are ready for cosmetic dentistry like straightening or whitening their smiles. We’re also prepared for dental emergencies!
  • We get ample opportunities to teach people about how to have outstanding oral hygiene habits. At Bluedot Dental, we’re able to positively influence the health of the public by spreading information and advice about maintaining good oral health.
  • But our favorite part about working here is helping each one of you feel confident about your smile. Contact us to learn about all kinds of ways to improve your oral health!

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