Sedation Dentistry

Having access to the newest technology not only makes your visits to the dentist quicker and easier, but it also means you are more apt to get the comprehensive care you seek. Go with a dental office that can ensure that you are getting the best care available. Contact us at bluedot dental today!



At bluedot dental, we want all our patients to feel comfortable and at ease during every procedure and appointment. That’s why we offer IV and Oral Conscious sedation options. Depending on your procedure, Dr. Jeziorski’ recommendation, and what you feel most comfortable with, we can provide pain-free treatments and relief from dental anxiety. Leave your worries at home, and get the dental care you need for the smile you deserve.

Benefits of Sedation

Sedation can bring relief to patients who suffer from dental anxiety

Necessary treatments and procedures can be performed with ease

Pain-free treatments and procedures

IV or Oral sedation options available to cater to your specific needs


Choose Bluedot dental for sedation

There’s no reason to fear the dentist, especially when sedation dentistry is readily available. Dr. Jeziorski offers options to ensure that any patient – no matter their age, anxiety level, or procedure required – can come into the office for their appointment, and feel comfortable and secure. Your experience means everything to us, and our goal is to change the way you see the dentist. Call us today, and learn how we make receiving treatment easy!