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Having access to the newest technology not only makes your visits to the dentist quicker and easier, but it also means you are more apt to get the comprehensive care you seek. Go with a dental office that can ensure that you are getting the best care available. Contact us at BlueDot Dental Gilbert today!

Dental Technology

Technology is an important part of your dental experience. The more technology you have access to, the more likely your dentist is to be able catch any type of issue in its earliest stages. The sooner a problem is caught, the easier it is to treat. Your dentist uses technology to help keep your teeth healthy, spot problems, and treat those problems to restore the health of your teeth. Without technology, common issues, such as cavities between the teeth or hairline cracks, could be overlooked.

CEREC dental crown machine

Many Forms Of Technology

We will find the best solution for you

We use digital imagery to make sure that we can get a solid view of every aspect of your mouth, from your teeth to your jaw, and everywhere in between
We use DIAGNOdent to find and detect cavities and tooth decay. With this advanced light-emitting laser, we can even identify decay underneath your tooth enamel
A sore jaw is a thing of the past with the IsoliteĀ® patient comfort system.
We use CBCT, otherwise known as Cone Beam Computed Technology, to help get 3-D images of your teeth, allowing us to better fit your restorations
We use dental implants to help restore missing teeth. They provide many benefits and help promote improved oral health. Our computer-guided implant surgery ensures a proper fit.
Our intraoral camera technology lets you see what we see inside your mouth.
Dental x-ray machine

Why We Focus On Technology

Here at BlueDot Dental Gilbert, our focus is on being able to provide you with leading edge dental technology because we understand how much these technologies can help improve your oral health. They make our job in restoring your mouth easier, and make your overall treatment easier, faster, and more comfortable.

Some dental offices only worry about keeping up-to-date with their most used forms of technology, like x-rays. At our office, though, we bring our patients a wide variety of dental technologies and stay on the forefront of emerging techniques because we know that no two smiles are the same. You deserve care that is tailored to your needs.

The BlueDot Dental Gilbert Difference

We want you to know that we care about your overall oral health, but also that we care about you personally. We want to keep each of our programs affordable, so if that means spending a little extra on technology now to help save you money when you need it, that is a commitment we are willing to make!

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