Dentures are a great way to restore your smile when you are missing a significant number of your teeth. They can be made simply, fitted for your mouth, and give you a grin that you like to show the world. Come in and see us a bluedot dental and let us help restore your smile. Contact us today!

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Traditional Dentures

Restore Your Smile

Going without teeth is not only embarrassing, but it is also dangerous to your health. It impacts how you smile, eat, and even how you speak. When you lose a tooth, your jaw begins to deteriorate, and that can cause damage to your overall health. Getting dentures allows you to help keep some of the density in your jaw and eat and speak much more like you could with your original teeth. Instead of letting missing teeth impact your life, get yourself some traditional dentures to help restore what you lost.

The Many Benefits of Dentures

  • You can stop avoiding foods you love since you will be able to chew them like you normally would
  • Your facial muscles will stay in place better, preventing premature aging
  • Your jaw will remain stronger than if you left it to deteriorate after losing teeth

Dentures: Get Your Life Back

There are many types of dentures, and only seeing us here at bluedot dental will let you truly know which dentures are going to be the best for you. You may only have one arch with missing teeth, making you an ideal candidate for partial dentures. However, traditional complete dentures are also a great option when most, or all, of your teeth have been lost over the years.

Some dentures are placed as soon as a tooth is extracted, while others need more time to be placed. Some dentures sit on your gums, while others are supported by being placed on top of dental implant supports. This allows your dentures to remain in place, while still giving you the confident smile and ability to function like you once did. It all depends on the current condition of your mouth and what is going to best suit your needs.

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Find The Option Right For You

Come in and see Dr. Aaron Jeziorski, DMD, today, and find out what denture options are going to be in your best interest. He will look over your mouth, and give you a list of what options are best. From there, you can work out a treatment plan that will work for you, and that will give you the results you are looking for. Come in and see us today, and let us help you plan out a way to help restore both your smile, and your quality of life.


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