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Are you interested in getting straighter teeth, but are not ready to walk around for a year with traditional metal braces on your teeth?

Investing in a straighter smile is something that can enhance your oral health well into the future. Thanks to clear aligner braces, adults and teens can enjoy straighter teeth without having to wear traditional metal braces.

If so, you may want to consider tray aligners to help straighten out your teeth for your new smile. Here at BlueDot Dental Gilbert, we specialize in clear aligners. Contact us by calling to find out more! All patient calls are protected by our privacy policy.

Clear Aligner Smiles

are beautiful smiles

As of 2019, the clear aligner system allows you to get the straight, gorgeous smile you have always wanted, while allowing you to avoid those unsightly metal brackets that scream adolescence. With clear aligner technology, you use a series of trays that shift your teeth into the location that is best for them to be in, over the course of 6-18 months, on average. Each tray moves the teeth slightly more, and the final trays are meant to hold your teeth in place and let them stop shifting. They are typically much less painful than treatment through traditional braces, too! Get your new smile on your own terms!


advantages of straighter teeth

A properly aligned bite is less likely to suffer from:

Gum disease
Tooth decay
TMJ disorder
Irregular or accelerated tooth wear
Tooth loss
Broken dental work

Caring for and cleaning your teeth is easier when they’re straight. Enjoying clear aligners means that it’s easier to brush and floss during treatment, since there are no extra appliances to clean around. 

how do clear aligners work?

When you want to get started with clear aligners, you simply have to come in and see us here on site at BlueDot Dental Gilbert. We need to take a look at the current state of your mouth, and figure out if you would benefit the way you want from clear aligners. Then, if your mouth is a good candidate, we will set up your first set of trays, which are quite similar to where your teeth are currently located.

Dr. Jeziorski will create a digital scan of your teeth that the lab uses to virtually move and place your teeth into the proper alignment. From there, clear aligner prints a series of 3D trays (aligners) that will systematically move your teeth as you progress to each set in the series. From there, additional trays are created by comparing where you are now to where you want your smile to be. Then, a set of trays that will be changed out about every two weeks are formulated, putting slightly different pressures on your teeth to get them toward their final destination. You wear the trays for around two weeks, unless Dr. Jeziorski tells you otherwise, then switch up to the next set of trays. This experience continues until patients have achieved the look they want.

You’ll wear your clear aligner trays for two weeks at a time, only removing them during meals or when it’s time to brush and floss. Change them out as prescribed, and you’ll see the results in the convenience of your own home!

Stop by our Gilbert Clear Aligner office about every other month to pick up your next several sets of trays. Dr. Jeziorski will check your bite to make sure that everything is progressing as it ought to.

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Close up of traditional metal braces and invisible aligners

the ease of clear aligners
How long does it take?

A traditional, full-mouth clear aligner case usually takes about 12 months to complete from start to finish. During your consultation at BlueDot Dental, Dr. Jeziorski can give you an individual estimate based on the position of your specific teeth.

However, there’s also an accelerated, cosmetic clear aligner option that lets you straighten your teeth in less time. This short-term clear aligner treatment focuses on the teeth in your smile zone, only straightening the ones towards the front of your mouth, instead of your entire bite. For most of our cosmetic braces cases, this option takes about 4-6 months total.

clear aligners VS. Braces

When it comes to finding an alternative to braces, clear aligners are the leader in the clear orthodontics industry. Backed by nearly two decades of research and technology, clear aligners use digitally mapped techniques to guide your teeth from every angle, instead of pushing/pulling from one bracket.

Although traditional braces are predictable in moderate to severe cases, clear aligners have made leaps and bounds when it comes to treating significant tooth misalignment. What wasn’t once possible is now a reality. 

With clear aligners, you get to enjoy:

Freedom to eat all the foods you love
Easier care and hygiene
Fewer trips to the dentist’s office
Shorter orthodontic appointments
Comparable pricing to traditional braces
Clear trays that no one will need to see

clear aligners VS. Braces

Caring for and cleaning your teeth is easier when they’re straight. Enjoying clear aligners means that it’s easier to brush and floss during treatment, since there are no extra appliances to clean around. 

are clear aligners right for me?

There’s only one way to find out if you qualify for Clear Aligners: see our Gilbert dentist and Clear Aligner provider Dr. Aaron Jeziorski for a consultation. BlueDot Dental Gilbert will provide you with an individual, no-hassle treatment plan and payment options!

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