sleep apnea treatment in gilbert, AZ

Are you or a loved one suffering from the hassles that sleep apnea brings? Nights upon nights of restless sleep for both you and your partner can take a toll on your quality of life. But rest assured knowing that sleep apnea therapy can get you back to a good night’s sleep in no time. If you’re tired of being tired, schedule a sleep apnea consultation and get well on your way to sweet dreams uninterrupted by sleep apnea symptoms


Sleep Apnea is a condition in which you stop breathing while you sleep. This can happen in various manners, such as the muscles of your throat relaxing and obstructing your airway, the communication between your brain and breathing muscles not functioning properly, or even a complex mixture of the two. No matter what form of sleep apnea you have, the results are—quite literally—tiresome. Loud snoring, insomnia, breathlessness, and dry mouth are all symptoms of this condition. Sleep apnea causes you to miss out on life, but you don’t have to any longer.


Sleep apnea treatment options

Here at BlueDot Dental Gilbert, we offer sleep apnea appliance therapy, which involved custom-designing a device that you wear at night to help keep your airways unobstructed. This device has proven to help many of our sleep apnea patients get relief from those sleep-robbing, pesky symptoms without those loud CPAP machines.

affordable sleep apnea treatment

If financial concerns are standing between you and the care you need, BlueDot Dental Gilbert provides a wide array of financial options that will allow you to fit one of our custom sleep apnea aides into practically any budget! Visit our financial page today to discover your options.

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