same day dentistry

Do you have an issue with your mouth that you need taken care of the same day? If so, then our same day dentistry services here at bluedot dental are exactly what you have been looking for. Nearly all of our procedures can be done on the premises, allowing us to do same day dentistry. Call to find out more!

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same day dentistry


Being able to have your dental work done in the same day will save you time and money. When you suffer from a problem that needs to be taken care of the same day, not all dental offices can help. However, here at bluedot dental, that is one process we are proud to offer. We understand that taking the time and pay away from work isn’t something many people have the option of doing. That’s why we make sure to offer as many services as possible same day.

Benefits of Same day dentistry

Less time wasted between lost work and commuting, by not having to come back multiple times

Lower expense since you can have the entire procedure taken care of in the same visit

You can get an instant confidence boost, walking out with the procedure complete

You spend less time sitting in the dentist’s chair.
If your tooth was cracked or broken, you leave with a permanent fix instead of a temporary one
We don’t need as much notice for problems since we can help fix them same day
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reasons for same day dentistry

There are a few times where you are going to want the option of same day dentistry. Following a root canal or a fracture of your tooth, you need a crown. If you leave that tooth exposed, you risk that tooth getting infected and you losing the tooth, or worse, getting sick. However, if you are immediately able to cover the tooth, it stays protected.

If you have an issue going on with your mouth that would benefit from same day dentistry, please give us a call. We can help you get the procedure done and get you back on your way in no time!

you will save time and money

When you come in to see us at bluedot dental, and we find that you have a large cavity, it also means you need a large filling to make sure the tooth’s structure stays intact. Most dental offices need to send away to have those fillings created, but not here. We can use our cone beam technology and get a 3-D impression of the cavity, and use our CEREC machine to craft the filling while you wait. It keeps your mouth healthy, and saves you time and money.