Tooth Fairy Traditions From Around the World

Do you remember getting so excited when your baby tooth started wiggling because soon you’d be able to cash it in with the tooth fairy? Losing a tooth is a rite of passage for children in every country, and in some it can be quite profitable. Let’s find out how countries around the world celebrate losing a tooth!

United States, Canada, England, Portugal, Denmark & Australia

In these countries, the tale of the tooth fairy is easy and transactional. After a child loses a tooth, they place it under their pillow before they go to bed. The tooth fairy, a fantastical woman with wings, will come while they are sleeping, so when they wake up they’ll find payment ranging anywhere from fifty cents to five dollars or more.

A brown mouse with black eyes, big ears, whiskers, and a pink tail walks along a forest floor

Spain, Peru, Chile, Venezuela & Colombia

Many Spanish-speaking countries have a similar tradition to the tooth fairy, but they have a mouse called Ratoncito Perez. When a child loses a tooth, they will place it underneath their pillow for El Raton de Los Dientes to collect overnight. He leaves a small gift in exchange, making for a very happy child the next morning.


In Argentina, children will place their tooth in a glass of water for Ratoncito Perez. When the Tooth Mouse arrives, he will drink the water, take the tooth, and stuff the gift in the glass.


In France, they also have a tiny mouse that collects children’s teeth in return for gifts. When a child has lost a tooth and placed it under their pillow, La Bonne Petite Souris will visit and leave a sweet treat or money as the child’s reward.

South Africa

In South Africa, children place a lost tooth inside a slipper for a gift from the Tooth Mouse.

A young girl with curly hair stands outside next to a dark-haired with braids missing her two front teeth

China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, India, Thailand & Cambodia

Instead of receiving money for their baby teeth, many children toss them around for good luck! When children lose a tooth from their upper jaw, they throw it on the ground or put it below the floor, while teeth lost from their lower jaw are thrown onto the roof, with the hope that straight new teeth will grow in correctly toward the old teeth. Some children will even make a wish as they throw each tooth that the strong tooth of a mouse will replace their lost tooth!

Middle East

In Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Libya, and Oman, children throw their lost teeth up to the sky and ask the sun to send them strong adult teeth.

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Whether a child believes in a tooth fairy, a tiny tooth-collecting mouse, or tossing their teeth onto a roof, losing a tooth is an exciting moment. Encourage your child to keep their baby teeth healthy and strong by brushing twice a day for two minutes each time, flossing daily, and coming to visit us every six months. Do you have questions about your family’s dental health or oral hygiene routine? Contact our Gilbert dental office today!

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