6 Interesting Facts About Teeth

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You probably don’t think about your teeth very much throughout the day, but you might actually find them a little more interesting than you initially thought! Here, we share some interesting facts about teeth.

1. Your teeth tell a lot about you

In the same way that our fingerprints tell a lot about your identity, your teeth reveal a lot about who you are. From examining our teeth, scientists can tell what we eat, where we live, how old we are, how healthy or ill we are, and more.

2. Every tooth is unique

It’s probably not something you notice when you’re looking in the mirror, but no two teeth are the same. Each tooth is unique, like a snowflake! From baby teeth to your permanent adult teeth, every tooth’s size and shape varies dramatically from person to person, making your smile one of a kind.

Closeup of a unique snowflake, like how each tooth is unique

3. You can have 0-4 wisdom teeth

Though our teeth may be unique in their shape and size, most people grow the same number of teeth: 20 baby teeth and then 32 adult teeth. However, about 35% of people never grow wisdom teeth, the “third molars” at the back of the mouth. Most people get their wisdom teeth taken out, but you could have zero, one, two, three, or four wisdom teeth!

4. Your teeth develop in the womb

While you can’t see them in a newborn’s mouth, primary and permanent teeth are actually forming while a baby is growing in the womb. The buds of all of your teeth, except for your wisdom teeth, are in your jaw when you are born.

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5. Oral care was practiced anciently

You might think of dental care as something that’s only been around recently, but the truth is it’s actually been practiced for much much longer, just in different forms. Instead of plastic and nylon, the first toothbrushes were twigs with splayed ends, while the ancient Egyptians polished their teeth with ground eggshells and animal hooves. The Japanese created the first wooden false teeth in the 16th century, and an American dental surgeon invented modern-day toothpaste in the late 1800s. Bonus fact: George Washington actually never wore wooden teeth, but instead false teeth made of metal alloys, ivory, and even human teeth.

6. Worms were believed to cause decay

Here’s a little more ancient history for you: in medieval times, people believed that cavities were created by little worms hiding beneath the surface of your tooth that would wiggle out and cause the pain associated with tooth decay.

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