How Long Do Dentures Last?

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If you are hiding your smile due to missing teeth, our Bluedot Dental team is here to help. When considering a smile restoration, it’s important to factor in cost, comfort, and functionality. Dentures are one such noninvasive, affordable, and comfortable option to improve the appearance and function of your smile. This removable prosthesis can replace one or more missing teeth in either your upper or lower jaw. Here, we will discuss how long dentures last and best practices to preserve them.

The Lifespan of Dentures

Dentures usually last between five and ten years. As you age, your mouth goes through changes so it is possible that a once well-fitting denture may not be as suitable ten years after you’ve had it made. In addition to your changing mouth, dentures can wear out over time since you are wearing them for the majority of each day.

At-Home Care for Dentures

Daily brushing and soaking are critical for maintaining your dentures. Regular toothpaste is too abrasive for denture care so be sure you are using a specially-designed denture cleanser. Cleaning your dentures after every meal is ideal, but at least before bed is absolutely critical. Leftover food particles harbor bacteria and can lead to stains, bad breath, and denture damage.

Professional Care for Dentures

Another important aspect of denture maintenance is to continue with your biannual professional dental cleanings and checkups. Especially if you are missing a few teeth, we want to make sure your remaining natural teeth are in tip-top condition. On the flip side, it may seem silly to go to the dentist if you don’t have any natural teeth, but keep in mind that dentists care for far more than just your teeth. During your appointments, our team will detect and treat abnormalities before they become larger issues, provide tips to improve your at-home oral hygiene, scan for any signs of oral cancer, inspect your gum health, answer all your dental-related questions, and discuss needed adjustments for your dentures to improve their comfort and function.

Unsure If Dentures Are Right for You?

If you’re on the fence about getting dentures, we can provide the information you need to make an informed decision. Our team would love to assist in your smile restoration decision. Schedule a consultation at Bluedot Dental today!

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