Foods That Commonly Cause Cavities

Close-up of a layer of black, purple, white, yellow, red, pink, green, and orange jelly beans that can cause cavities

Parents, bosses, and teachers are fond of aphorisms. And for good reason! Pithy, clever, and easy to remember, sayings stick with us. One saying that has stayed with us through a great many years is “you are what you eat.” While of course this saying is usually referring to your overall health and fitness, this adage fits perfectly well with regards to your teeth.

Your Diet Affects Your Oral Health

What you eat affects your dental wellness, so it’s important to keep moderation in mind when it comes to indulging in the following foods that commonly cause tooth decay.

  • Sweets

Sugar, be it naturally occurring in fruits or of the added variety in candies and cakes, tops the list of foods that commonly cause cavities. The bacteria on your teeth feed on the sugar we eat and drink and create acids that wear away your teeth’s enamel, literally making holes (cavities!) in the surfaces of your teeth.

We’re not telling you to eliminate sweets entirely from your diet, but it’s good to be aware of how much you consume of the following and understand they increase your risk for tooth decay:

      • Candy (especially sticky candy, lollipops, and sour candy)
      • Breath mints that aren’t sugar-free
      • Dried fruits
      • Sodas
      • Sports drinks
  • Starches

Many people don’t realize that starches like those found in bread, pasta, and potato chips can be just as bad for your teeth as sweets. Refined carbohydrates dissolve into simple sugars in the mouth, which feed the bacteria on your teeth and contribute to damaging acid that wears away your enamel.

  • Citrus

Oranges, lemons, grapefruits, and limes are a two-pronged danger to your teeth. Not only are these fruits chock-full of sugars, citrus is also loaded with acids that can strip your teeth of enamel.

Moderation & Proper Oral Care

Drs. Jeziorski and Hall don’t expect you to completely eliminate foods and drinks that commonly cause tooth decay from your diet, but recommend consuming them in moderation and minimizing their negative effects on your teeth:

    • Brush your teeth and floss regularly
    • Drink plenty of water to wash away sugar and acids to help stop them from eroding your teeth’s enamel
    • Chew sugar-free gum between meals
    • Schedule regular checkups and cleanings at Bluedot Dental every six months

Is your mouth cavity-free? Schedule your next dental appointment at our expert office to check up on your oral health. We look forward to seeing you and your beautiful smile!

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